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August 11, 2006 PRE-REUNION PARTY

Hi All.

A common complaint heard at reunions is that getting together for just one night is not enough time to catch up on everything. There have been some great unofficial night before parties in the past. This year we’re taking it to a whole new level – we’re having an official pre-reunion party.

Who, What, When, and Where……

The Who: This is a mainly BHS 76 party, but friends are more than welcome to come and join in.

The Where: This is the best part. Remember hanging out on the common in high school? Well, here is an opportunity to relive that experience. The town of Bedford completely renovated the old town hall and rents it out for functions. We have rented the Great Hall in the Old Town Hall. For those of you that don’t remember, the Old Town Hall is on South Road right across the street from the town common (the first building in from Great Road). There are kitchen facilities, air conditioning, and lots of history. The basement jail cells may still be available if anyone gets too rowdy.

The What: A very casual, night-before-the-reunion party. It’s BYOB and potluck. There’s no bar or dinner, but there is a refrigerator, stove, ice machine, and tables. Bring your favorites beverages, some food to share, and maybe a cooler just in case we run out of space.

The When: The party is Friday, August 11 (the night before the reunion). The party officially starts at 7pm, but people will be there at 6 or so setting up and hanging out. We have the hall until midnight. If that’s not enough time, you can move on to the boat landing, farmers field, or the Friendlys parking lot.

Other tid-bits…

There will be a small cover charge ($5-$10) to cover the rental, liquor permit, and insurance.

Parking: There is parking behind the town hall, around the common, and at the Sovereign Bank across Great Road.

RSVPs. You don’t have to buy a ticket in advance – just come on by. If you think you might be there drop me a line so we have some idea of how many people are coming.

Even if you’re not signed up for the reunion you can come to this. (It’s still not too late to sign up for the reunion if you haven’t already).

Well, that’s it. Come on by for some talking, eating, drinking, and music. Bring an instrument if like, or your favorite CD, or your iPod.

See you there!

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11/24/05 Thanksgiving Football Game
This year, the Thanksgiving game against Concord-Carlisle is an away game. Game time is 10AM.

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