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Well, there are several good reasons, but you should know that this information is not shared with anyone. You won't get any email spam, telemarketing calls, or uninvited house guests by providing this information.

What you will get is a better nights sleep knowing that we have your current address and that you will get invited to your next reunion.

You will also get other benefits (at some unspecified date in the not-to-distant future) that may include:

  • online access to the photo galleries that allows you to add captions and comments to photos and albums right from your computer (sort of cool)
  • the ability to upload pictures from your computer and add them to existing albums on this site, or to create your own BHS'76 albums really easily (that's cool!)

  • a free and permanent email account and a list of other registered alumni's bhs76 email addresses so you can stay in touch and maintain your privacy (that's really cool!)

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